Shopaholics Anonymous?

vor 29 Monaten

It's tribute season which means beautiful garments and spending money, a lot of money. When is the right time to let your head overcome your sixth fashion sense?

First of all, if you have never-ending amounts of money I think you're safe to continue, but remember the little guys along the way! This position, although a-ma-zing, is unrealistic. Prepare for the truth - you're probably going to have to stop eventually.

But what if "it" (whatever your shopaholic brain wants) is essential. Either control the urge or you'll be in a money drought.

You've got three options:

 1. Stop. Prioritize your wishlist items and save for a while (it will be worth it)!

2. Earn it! Stardoll offers are an easy way to get some extra moola by participating in surveys, playing games and installing apps!

3. Clubs? Find the clubs recruiting members with competitions for wishlist gifts and other luxury items without pestering people!

No matter how you go about dealing with the numerical side of shopping we all do it, and with a tight budget it can get....interesting. Do you belong in 'Shopaholics Anonymous'?

- Snerfy

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