• Miss.SeaDolphin

    Hi its the first day of school for me ,got any advice?

    Miss.SeaDolphin66 mesi fa
  • Yes. Don't worry when girls are nasty. Just be a good person yourself, and don't get involved in bitchiness. I think girls can be really mean to each other sometimes. Don't get involved in the drama. Be a lover not a hater.

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  • bad_angel-nicy

    who was ur firts celeb crush?

    bad_angel-nicy66 mesi fa
  • Brad Pitt! But also Johnny Depp

    CC66 mesi fa
  • nikkig00

    OMG!!! I loved the superstar song! I used to listen to it all the time! But i had a question. What do you like to do in your spare time?

    nikkig0066 mesi fa
  • I love going to the movies. I go nearly every week!

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  • RhianaTwinz45

    Hello, What Made You Say Yes to Chatting With Girls On Stardoll? :)

    RhianaTwinz4566 mesi fa
  • Stardoll are helping me to get my music out there. As an independent artist that is really great for me to have someone as big as Stardoll help me reach such a big community. I really enjoy hearing from people who like my music and want to ask me questions :)

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  • coolmtd


    It's my birthday and I just wanted to say hi, and hoped you would talk to me, it would make my day :D

    Btw, do you like your fans?

    coolmtd66 mesi fa
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am a virgo too.
    Yes I LOVE talking to my fans. I love Stardoll for letting me reach out to so many! I hope to keep in touch with all of you.

    CC66 mesi fa
  • inthehoodsky12

    hey what does cc stand for?

    inthehoodsky1266 mesi fa
  • Caitlin Carey. Carey is my middle name. My real name is Caitlin Carey Whitty :)

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