How do I start a Club?

First of all, you need to have a verified/confirmed email address to use this feature. Members who have reached level 11 and have verified/confirmed email address can start a Club. Everybody (except KidSafe members) can have one club. Superstars are allowed to have 3 clubs. If you delete your club you will have to wait a month before you can start a new one (for Superstars the waiting time is 7 days). Click on the Create Club tab under Clubs & Friends than follow the instructions for starting a Club: You will choose an original Club name (no duplicate names allowed) that doesn't use any bad words and works as a URL (i.e. and cannot include any spaces or special characters:

1. Decide whether to have a Public Club that automatically accepts all interested members or a Private Club where you decide membership on a case-by-case basis: you can share this responsibility with your Club managers.
2. Select a category to the club so that other members can search for it.
3. Choose a club logo, club picture and create a presentation describing the clubs identity and goals.
You can change all this later (except the club name) if you are not completely happy. Done! You are now a proud owner of a club! You can now create sceneries with your club members and creating discussions on the club's own discussion forums. On your MeDoll page, you will have an overview of the clubs you own and clubs where you are the manager and member.

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