Meet Suite Architect: LuxLuxis

8 ay önce


LuxLuxiss suiteLuxLuxiss suite

AllDolledUp's Meet Suite Architect is back with another talent living the suite life under your radar... 

Meet LuxLuxis

Since joining in 2006, LuxLuxis -- living up to the nickname -- has built up a suite that exudes luxury. Living the Suite Life is all about highlighting creativity, but this segment brings you talents like Lux, who happen to go under the radar, and it shows why.

The assumed time spent on attention to detail displayed on this page, along with the flair for architectural design, and added interior stylings goes beyond just intuitively arranging interior posters with color palettes, this Stardoll does it with tasteful style.

LuxLuxis's range spans different aspects of StarDesign including wigs, lips and jewelry.
Be sure to visit her suite today for a tour, and check out her celeb-inspired designs. 

Written by AllDolledUp

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