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"Being human means being capable of looking at every life form with a sense of tenderness" - Sadhguru

People these days have built an invisible wall to separate themselves from others. They use their differences or imperfections as a weapon instead of accepting the fact that everyone has them. 

In my hypothetical 'perfect' world, it would be a world of no judgement whatsoever. A world where there would be differences and different opinons, but there would also be acceptance and forgiveness.

People seem to think that differences are bad, and they end up changing themselves to become someone who isn't themselves...You were born an original life form and there is no one in this whole world exactly like you, so why waste your life trying to become a copy of someone else?

Sadhguru's quote talks about all of these, and mentions how an ideal human being should be. How instead of killing, bullying, and beating the people who differ from your likings or opinions, you would listen to them and even though you would not agree, you would accept their opinion.

Sometimes all there is to a war or a fued between people is a misunderstanding. The key to avoid that from happening is to even though that person doesn't have the same opinion as you, you should still listen to their opinion and make them feel like their opinion matters! 

Just think about it, when you are trying to explain somebody something, and they won't listen to you because they think their opinion is all there is, wouldn't it put you down and make you feel like no one cares? We all do that sometimes, and some people might not realizing it, but the other person also has real feelings and ideas.

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