Would You Go Neon to Prom?

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Sonia Rykiel spring 2011, Imaxtree

The trend comes and goes, but the question remains: would you go to prom sporting neon-painted lips? The look isn’t for the faint of heart, and once you commit, there’s no going back (technically, a quick duck into the ladies room and a wad of toilet paper will do the trick, but who wants to show up wearing hot purple lipstick one minute and a nude lip the next?). For those of you who are up for a beauty risk on the big night, here are some tips to master the look:

Smooth talk. The intense color will highlight every little flake so make sure to exfoliate with a lip scrub or run your toothbrush a couple times over your lips.

Staying power. Make sure the color doesn’t leave your lips when you kiss your date for the photo op or take the first sip of sparkling cider. Color your lips with a lip pencil before applying the lipstick; the dry texture will keep the color in place.

Say cheese. You want the color on your lips, not your teeth! To make sure it stays where it needs to be, stick your pointer finger in your mouth, close your lips around it, and pull it out. That will grab any excess color that could potentially end up on your teeth.

Another tip: It may sound weird, but go matte like NARS’ Pure Matte Lipstick ($20). The stark color is enough to make a statement—any added shine could take the look overboard.

Photo: Courtesy of NARS

If you must have shine or prefer a more glossy look, go with a darker neon. Try L’Oreal’s HiP Studio Secrets’ Professional Jelly Balm in Succulent ($9) for a deep pop of color that’s no less fun than a brighter hue.

Photo: Courtesy of L'Oreal
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