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Stardoll Social Recap Episode 45: Pride & Summer Celebrations

✨ Stardoll Social Recap ✨<br/><br/>This NEW Youtube series is ALL about YOU dolls and the amazing things you create in and inspired by Stardoll.<br/><br/>Whether it be Stardoll graphics, Stardesign, Suites, Blogs and Fashion events..we want to share it with the WHOLE Stardoll community.<br/><br/>Is there something or someone you think Brittany should feature?<br/><br/>Tag @Stardoll using hashtag #stadollsocialrecap and/or #brittanyonstardoll on Twitter or Instagram.<br/><br/>Follow 'Stardoll' on Social<br/><br/>Instagram - www.instragram.com/stardoll<br/>Twitter- www.twitter.com/stardoll<br/>Facebook- www.facebook.com/stardoll<br/>Snapchat - @Stardoll

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