Be Unique. Be You.

há 64 meses

Stardoll was a site created for young teenage girls (and boys) to join and enjoy. To show their style, uniqueness and creativity. For me, its been a place I can explore fashion and get away from the world just for a while.

After being on this site for over a year now, I have made loads of amazing friends, learnt new things (for example, html codes for presentations, different designers etc.) and found my style. Obviously Im not exacly the richest person in the world, and shopping for the newest brands and clothes isn't exacly top on my list. But on stardoll, I can do that with the simple click of a button.

Last year, and still now, there have been many different changes that have happened throughout stardoll. Levels, different ways to shop, rewards etc. But the general message of making your own world has stayed the same.

Here are some people I have met on my stardoll journey that I think really use stardoll to show their fashion, and their creativiy. I'm sure there are plently others but these are just a few I picked out:






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