Selena Gomez: Music Video Inspired Look

53 miesięcy temu

Hello dolls!

Selena Gomez's new song, The Heart Wants What it Wants is an emotional piece that anyone could tell was very personal for her. The music video was complete with emotional clips of Sel herself and recordings of Selena talking about her past love. 

 Aside from the sadness of the video, Selena looked absolutely stunning. 

Since the music video is entirely black and white, you can't see the colors of her makeup, so I decided to play it semi-natural. 


 Dot Midnight Black Shadow (6 SD)
Stardoll Academy Grey Shadow (0 SD)
Dot Black Length Mascara (4 SD)
Dot Black Volume Mascara (4 SD)

First, apply two coats black eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eye, dusting underneath it lightly. Next, take your grey eyeshadow and apply it to the inner corner, fading it into the black.

Finish it off with a coat of both length and volume mascara on both the top and bottom lashlines. 


Dot Indian Red Blush (8 SD)

Apply this very subtly around your cheekbones. It should look glamorous, but natural.


Transform Exotic Peach Lipgloss (24 SD)

Selena had very glossy lips in the music video, so it's important you use lipgloss rather than matte lipstick. Apply one light layer of ligloss and darken it around the edges for dramatic effect.

 Okay dolls - I hope you liked this article because I had fun creating the look. 



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