How can I see the different rooms in my Suite? How can I get more rooms?

You can find all your rooms by going to "My Suite" in the menu in your home. All stardolls start out with two basic rooms to decorate and style.

You can unlock two more rooms by leveling up. A third room will become available when you reach level 34 and a 4th room opens up when you get to level 47. You will find these rooms under the "Superstar" column.

Only Superstar members have access to all 12 rooms!

You can also buy more rooms for your Suite. You can get more basic rooms or the exclusive Suite modules, like the Millionaire Mansion, the Beach Villa and the Alpine Chalet.


Just click on "My Suite" in the right-hand menu and select the room you want to go to. You'll be taken right to it.

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