40 maanden geleden

We all dream while we sleep, but we often don't even think about them during the day! My favorite types of dreams are the happy ones, but the strange ones can be interesting too. Here are a few of my favorite dream facts and tricks!

What do dreams mean?
Many people think that dreams can fortell your future or tell you secrets about yourself, and while this is fun to think about, there are several scientific theories that are more likely. We don't know exactly what causes dreams, but it is likely that they are our brains reacting to random activity while we sleep, or our brains randomly putting together memories so we can remember them better!

Can we control our dreams?
With practice, you can actually learn to control your dreams! This skill is really helpful if you have nightmares, because you are able to wake yourself up from within your dream, or even change your dream to something nicer. If you don't often have nightmares, controlling your dreams can still be fun - imagine being able to go and meet your favorite band, have your own house filled with clothes, or even fly!

How can you start controlling your dreams?
To start controlling your dreams, you need to realize that you are in a dream instead of real life. I find the best way to do this is by keeping a dream journal, writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up! This will help you recognise the signs that mean you are in a dream, and you will also have a book full of interesting dream stories - awesome!

What was the best dream you ever had?