New Years Challenge!

1개월 전

Every year, many of us set high resolutions for ourselves to follow. By February, most of us are already off track. Instead of setting a huge goal that is almost impossible to achieve, I've decided to set mini-goals for myself each week. So, instead of 1 big goal for 2019, I have 52 mini-goals! I don't have all of my goals written out yet, but each week I will decide on what I am going to achieve. 


Because we are all a big community, I wanted to come up with something fun that we can all do together this year. I know 2019 has already begun, but there's no problem starting now. If you want to join in on this New Years Challenge, keep reading to learn how! 

All of us are going to work together to support each other to achieve our weekly goals. 

- To set your goals in stone, I encourage you all to grab a notebook that's dedicated solely to this purpose. Each page will be dedicated to a week of your goals.

- Every Sunday, set a goal for the week and write it in your notebook. Also be sure to write how you intend to achieve the goal. As often as you can (every day that week preferably), write in your journal what you did that day to get closer to your goal. 

- Then, at the end of the week, (the following Sunday) reflect on the week, and write about achieving the goal, and how you did it. The goal can be as simple as talking to a new friend, to excerising every day of the week! Small goals lead to big accomplishments! 


**CHALLENGE!** At the end of the week after you reflect in your journal, I encourage you to speak to me about how you achieved your goal/what you can do next week to achieve something else! I will then reflect on my week, too! I also encourage you to speak to others in our Support Group about supporting your goal! 


How are we all going to speak to each other, you ask?

Well, I started a club where we can all support one another and encourage each other to keep striving to complete our goals! It is called SupportingGoals! There, we will be able to talk with one another and give advice where advice is wanted. Help your peers while they help you, too! Each week, we will discuss what we wish to achieve, and then reflect on how we achieved it once the week is over. We are going to be each others biggest supporters! 


Please join the club by clicking the link of the club right above so we can get chatting ASAP on your 2019 goal! At the end of the year, I'll be doing a blog post about everyone in the club and how far you've come!