Stars on the Starblog: Charly__6__

4개월 전

Hey Dolls, 


This week I am back with possibly one of the most well-known dolls yet. If you don't know her personally, I am sure you have heard of her name and seen her name on many suite presentations. The doll I am interviewing this week is the one and only, Charly__6__!


Q: When did you begin designing presentations? When you first began, did you know you wanted to make them as widely known around Stardoll as they are today, or was that a surprise to you?

A: I started 8 years ago, with simple backgrounds, I liked the look more for my page; it was not with the idea 'Now this will become something that I can share.' It was a huge surprise when more and more people wanted a presentation too.

Q: How did you get into designing presentations? When did you start up your blog?

A: I found a blog with basic html codes and some Stardoll presentation videos of 62karylle26.  I [then] started the blog with a friend 6 years ago; May 2012.

Q: What is your advice for those who want to begin designing presentations?

A: I think it's easier to start with edit presentations, so use a code and make it your own, seeing how everything works. Changing colors, shadows, pictures, etc. 

 Who should I interview next?