My Favorite Stores

46개월 전

If you go to Starplaza, it's hard to know which store to visit first. If you're like me you love each of them for various reasons, but these are my top five (in no particular order) & the reasons why.  

1. Original Future. Though I don't own many items from there myself, I often find myself going there when I'm styling clients in my studio. They have many cute items for Starcoins, that's the main reason I love it.  

2. Basics. I love the layered look, so I often purchase clothing from there to be used either over or under another piece. I love their most recent line.  

3. It Girls. They're just so trendy, what can I say?  

4. Riveira. Summer is my favorite season & that place has everything you could possibly want for your summer wardrobe.  

5. Voile. I'm a dreamer, and it has such elegant items that seem from another time & world.  

What are your favorite stores?

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