Gifts Gone Wild !

63 mesi fa

What can you do with a little creativity and a really cool Ramadan gift?  Well, if you are susierocks, you turn a whole lot of colorful vases into stylish wallpaper for a modern take on a retro inspired room.  Using the vases in an alternating pattern allowed this creative medoll to express her inner self in a vibrant colorful way.  Her creative use of color and pattern collide in a delightful display reminiscent of the seventies but thoroughly up to date.  Susie’s room really does rock! Visit her suite to check out her other stylish rooms. 


Susierocks in her suite. 



This little vase was Susie's inspiration, and the shape behind her creative wallpaper. 


Photos: www.stardoll.com, susierocks, dizzylizzylou