Summer Outfit!

63 bulan lalu

Hey everybody! I know that summer is coming up, and i decided to do this post on a beautiful summer outfit! I think this is perfect for going to the beach and looking glamorous at the same time! Here you go:

Cute right? I bsolutley LOVE this top! As soon as I saw it in the new bonjour bisou new holiday collection, i just HAD to buy it! And the best thing? It's only 50 starcoins! It looks really relaxed and the green looks like it's made of the sea. The bottoms are from Riviera, I really like the ruffles and the green and white don't clash. The shoes were from this years Summer Giftometer, again they use white from the bottoms, but the gold and green go really nicley together. Then I used some bangles from Rio to make the gold in the shoes more noticable. Then I used some over sized round sunnies from Killah and a cute straw hat! Over all, I think this look gives a summer vintage look! What do you think?

Jas xxx

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