As A Girl - Body Image

1 bulan lalu

Body image has so many meanings and to start off today, I would like to give what I consider to be a globally rounding definition that relates to the stigma around the words rather than what, in reality, they really mean.

'Body Image is the perception of your physical body and the associated thoughts and feelings that come from negative stigma provided by society's idea of what beautiful is.'

In reality, body image, by word definition alone, simply means how the physical appearance of your body looks. It has nothing to do with how it is 'supposed' to look, instead just how it is. So how did society come to expect so much of the human body and how it can be enhanced to be deemed as attractive or beautiful?


Words and labels are so common as part of the influence of social media you wonder what you would do without them, what or who you could be without them. 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and how they phsically look and resort to dieting to better themselves. Above I have included a picture with the word ugly printed on it and a silhouette of a girl. I wanted to say by putting those things there that we throw words like that around too easily. We say fat and ugly, not pretty enough, not curvy enough, but what happens when you add somebody to that name?

The thing with girls though, is we can bring each other down by using these words but what happens when you put somebody real there? Somebody you know or even yourself? In Australia in 2012, 4% of the population was known to have an eating disorder and it doesn't sound like much, but it included over 900,000 people and almost half of them had binge eating disorders. Since then, it has risen to a major 16% of affected people and it can only be seen going up. So I'll leave you with this: The problem isn't with your body, it's what you think of it.  So tell me, how can we change the ugly into beautiful and accept everybody for who they are instead of inducing mental and emotional stress on people for their physical appearance?