2000s Fashion

8 bulan lalu

Fashion is something that is constantly changing and certain trends are always coming back into style. During fashion week, we saw Dior bring back their iconic logo saddle bag which was the bag every girl wanted in the 2000s. Low-rise jeans, fishnets and even "dad shoes" have been creeping back into fashion.


The first outfit was inspired by many trends--mainly low-rise jeans. Fishnet were also a huge trend in the early 2000s with stars such as Gwen Stefani rocking them. Tiny bags were popular and I channeled Rory Gilmore with this black one. The Studded belt is also a stable and a nod to Avril Lavigne. The second outfit is inspired for the 2000s love of cargo pants. I teamed these ones with this chained top, which was definitely a staple for every 2000s it girl and trend we have seen make a come back.

This next outfit is fashioned around capri pants, which like the cargoes, were a huge trend. Polo shirts were also huge toward the end of the 2000s, however they were most likely sporting a popped collar. Platform sandals were a trend that followed on from the late 90s and definitely remind me of the Olsen twins. Colored aviators and bright bangles were also popular. The last outfit stars these studded loose-fit jeans which are paired with this slinky top and gladiator-esque sandals really giving a 2000s Tara Reid vibe. The Louis Vuitton speedy bag was also a huge trend.

I hope you guys loved this post! I had so much fun researching 

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