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Hi All! ÔÖí

Welcome to my new blog series where every week I feature a new club. Thanks to everybody who left a name but I have chosen the name UNDIS­čćĹUBERED. This title was chosen by the doll LordofWorld and I ­čľĄ it!

This weeks club is one named: FM-Model. Here is what the owner SleeplessNights had to say about her club.

1. What is your club about?
This club focus on the finest fabrics and the perfect fits of clothing. Here you will be able to participate in fashion cycles without modeling. We will be hosting cycles where you will be able to participate in fashion tasks.

2. How is your club different from other fashion clubs?
Our whole point of this club was to find people like us. Others that loved fashion but weren't technical with the scenery modeling bit. I think mines different to others because we make tasks on like real life issues. Were having a coachella tasks at the moment as it very near. We try to base our tasks on more reality by askings our models to create street style looks. Our prizes vary from 5 part wigs to LE. You really never know what's next.

3. Why should people join your club?
I think people should join my club because it's a way of making friends but not it a social way. We are a fairly new club and we are at Task 1 at our very first cycle. All of our contestants are friends with each other. It's just one of those things when you log on in the morning, you just get excited to see if there's been any replies on any topics.

Feel free to leave suggestions for next weeks club!

- Ôäĺ