Jobs in Fashion: Editor

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If you love, love, love fashion but would rather write about it than create it, then maybe you could be a fashion journalist. Fashion editors get to go to shows all over the world and see all the new collections before they are shown to anyone else.

As well as having an eye for fashion, you'll need to have great writing skills, so make sure you stay on top in your English classes. Like any other job in fashion, languages are helpful and it's really important to read as many fashion magazines as possible from all around the world. You'll need to know who's who in the fashion world if you want to be an editor!

While you're studying, try and get work experience or an internship on a fashion magazine. If you can't get a place on a fashion mag (Competition is always tough) take a place whereever you can, maybe evan start your own blog!

Did you know US Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, started out at House & Garden?

Once you have a place as an intern or have landed an editorial assistant job, try and be as cheerful and helpful as possible. No one wants to work with someone who is miserable! Showing a real passion for the clothes and designers will make you stand out. It takes alot of years and experience to work your way up in fashion journalism but, oh my, when you're sitting in the front row at Paris Fashion Week, it will be worth it!

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