Sprucing Up Your Space!


Hey dolls, 

Everyone gets bored of their bedroom every once in a while, right? So instead of breaking your bank account to redo everything from the paint color to headboard, add little knick- knacks to change it up! 

Tapestry: Instead of painting your walls a different color, add decor to spruce up what you already have. Tapestries are super inexpensive and the best part is, you can get one everywhere! They're amazing because one simple tapestry can change the entire mood of your room! 

Photo String Art: Have a blank space above your TV or bed? Print out 10-12 of your favorite photos and using clothing pins, clip your photos to a string and hang it above any empty space to bring that tiny area alive!

Change up your Rug: You can find a rug pretty much anywhere and in every price range, so why not get a new one every once in a while? Change out the color, style and shape to transform your cozy space. 

Do you have any more ideas? Comment below!