Plant of the Week: Roses Meaning

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Today's plant will be one of the most famous plants in the world, one that probably many people adore: the rose. I would like to dedicate this post to my best friend Felix.giro and my friend Jothequeen, because they both love this flower. I chose the white rose from my suite because talking about red roses are just so common and everyone knows what they mean. 

The term Rose comes from the Latin rosa. The rose has been cultivated by humans since ancient times, and it originates from China, although its wild form has existed for 35 million years. Over the centuries, it was modified and breeded to suit EVERY SINGLE TASTE. Speaking of taste: my favorite rose is the "Royal Highness." Not because it is called like that but because I LOVE the color and the petal arrangement. Breeding happened to change the number and arrangement of the petals, the color, size of blooms and even the scent. They are now widely-grown in greenhouses and special techniques are used so their stalks are much longer, totally vertical and contain less thorns; when they are about to bloom, they are cut so they arrive to millions of florists freshly opened. The common rose appearence I'd describe with 30 petals, it can have less or more, usually round shaped and long stalk. The leaves are normally divided in 3 or 5. the scent is strong and indescribably good. Today, there are lots of varieties. I own a hybrid rose that features burgundy as a main color with yellow stripes, but years have passed so the stripes now come faded and some buds come without stripes at all. 

For centuries, roses have had lots of meanings. For example, everyone knows red roses refer to love and strong passion. But what about the others?

Others include the yellow rose which you can gift to a friend, because it means friendship and happiness. 

White roses stand for purity, innocence, and peace, and are said to be Princess Diana's favorite. 

Pink roses stand for gratitude and femininity, but you cna also gift them to someone you have a crush on, as it also means love. 

Orange roses mean excitement and desire.

Rare in nature, purple roses mean dignity and aristocracy. But the rarest ones are the blue and black roses. They don't exist at all, unless you paint them. This is often done at florists with spray paint. They stand for respect, trust and affection and the latter, for death and sadness.

Why is the rose the flower of love?

 There's an ancient Greek legend that says that Flora, the goddess of fature found the dead body of a beautiful girl in the woods. Saddened by this, she called all the gods to help. Apollo appeared and gave her warm sun ways to bless her, Aphrodite then gave her beauty, and Dionysus gave her a strong, unforgetable fragrance. Flora then completed the masterpiece with dew drops and called Aurora to spread the word that the most beautiful flower of all has been created, Astonished by this, the gods made her the queen of flowers. This flower was created with so much love and compassion that it became the flower of love and was gifted to lovers

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