Nails on Stardoll!

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Many dolls don't do much with their hands and feet because their work doesn't show up in their suite, but I think there is some merit in putting some work into it anyway! The new collection of Polished is so cute and summery- I thought I'd share some fun nail tips with everyone.

Why would you want to change your nails?
While your nail designs won't show up in your suite when a visitor first comes along, they will be able to see the work you've put into your hands and nails when they roll their mouse over your doll's hands! Even if you don't change your doll's nails often, it can be fun to experiment with their look and have them dressed up in case someone looks. You could also use your doll's nails as a way to plan out your own nail art- get ideas from the Polished nail polishes and accessories!

In the picture above, I'm wearing the Polished Black Gold Manicure polish from the previous Polished collection, but if it's summer where you are, you might like to experiment with the new colours! Here are my faves:
- Melonas Melonas Manicure
- Daisy Nails Manicure
- Stripes and Roses Manicure

If you're looking for nail/hand accessories, Sprinkled is the place to be! Here are my faves:
- LaceNail Black1
- FingerPainting 3
- NailPiercing Silver1


What do you use for you doll's nails?



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