Collecting Starpoints / Leveling Up

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One of the best updates Stardoll introduced was definitely a change to the Starpoint system. They replaced 'classic' Starpoints with levels, and added tasks to help us level up faster.

At the beginning, the tasks were pretty... well, redundant. Each day we had a chance to level up by doing all sorts of activities, such as voting and commenting on album, scenery, guestbook, buying stuff, broadcasting, changing our doll, and much more. Even it was much easier to track our progress and know exactly how many Starpoints we were getting, doing the same tasks every day, over and over again, became monotone.

That's until they introduced daily tasks. Now you have 3 sets of tasks each day, and upon completing one, you'd get Starpoints and Starcoins, and if you are a Superstar, Stardollars too. Approximately 20 Starpoints per day. And the tasks change each day, which makes collecting Starpoints much more fun and interesting.

While many other online games I've played suggest against leveling up, on Stardoll, they do encourage you to do so. Higher level means more dedicated, loyal and trustworthy player. People who had enough time to spend on their favorite game.

And with the recent update, now each time you level up, you get to unlock new facial features, hairstyles, clothes and interior, game features, etc. While higher level members don't get much new stuff when leveling up, looking at your doll's level and seeing how far have you gone in the game is a reward in itself.

What do you think about Stardoll introducing levels and daily tasks? Do you do them everyday?


~ Milena

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