Stardoll's Most Hyped Beauty Items

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Spectacular Fake Eyelashes. I understand bigger and better is the rule when it comes to lashes but in my opinion these just take it that little bit too far. These are actually no longer available in Starplaza and can be found in the Bazaar for some rather extortionate prices.


Epiphany Perfectly Blended Makeup These are a new addition to starplaza and are priced at 5 stardollars each. They’re a little difficult to wear, some dolls find that their eyelashes are visible underneath and if you’re not using stardesign hair they will look odd. But I have to admit these are gorgeous, I would just love to see a wider colour selection.


Transform contour masks. There are avaliable in 4 styles in 3 shades. I find that they are far too harsh; I have a very pale doll and still the highlight is too much for her. These work brilliantly for some dolls with different face shapes and complexions, but not mine.


LUXE Lipgloss. This works totally differently on all lip shapes. Personally, I think it looks a whole lot better on the superstar lip shapes so I’m demonstrating it here on non-superstar lips. I do like this, but the glare is maybe too much.


GlamRUs mouche beauty mark. Sadly this is only available in the Bazaar but this is a Starcoin item. The shape and colouring of this is perfect. You can have lots of these all over the body and they’ll give your doll his/her own almost human look.