My FENDI Faves!

29 kuukautta sitten

We recently had a surprise Friday release of the latest tribute store this season - FENDI! FENDI is a favourite here on Stardoll, and this collection is likely to have something for every fan. Here are my top picks!

The White Karlito Bag
While this bag, and it's sister The Black Karlito Bag are both adorable, I chose this one to be in my top picks for the simple reason that the black version is Royalty only, while this one is available to everyone. I love this bag because of the cute fold-over style, the delicate chain, and the stylised decal of Karl Lagerfeld on the front!

Mini Charms
I love tiny charms so much, I couldn't choose just one! These teeny accessories are meant to clip on to your main bag for some extra decoration. While some, like the Backpack Backpack Charm could be used as a coin purse, others are best suited to life as keychains. The Karlito Gold Charm is extra cute, as it's an adorable pin- ready to be attached to any part of your outfit!

Sunset Fendi Inspired Handbag
I debated on whether to include this bag, or the 2Jours Small Leather Tote (another one to check out), but I ultimately decided on the sunset bag due to its' stunning colours. Not only does this vibrant bag stand out due to colour, it also pops due to the beautiful patterns and pictures - flowers and nature inspired. Definitely a top pick in my book!

What was your fave item from the FENDI tribute?