Limited vs Ordinary Clothes

30 kuukautta sitten

When Stardoll released their very first limited collection, simply called 'Limited Edition', all members were surprised by unbelievably high prices at the time. Still, it hasn't stopped them from buying, probably because of their exceptional quality. And that made Stardoll realize it could earn them a lot of money. The rest is history.

Limited collection make Stardoll a lot of profit. That's why Stardoll staff continuously tries to makes them the very best quality, and put extra effort in recreating fabulous runway outfits.

People who prefer limited clothes over ordinary ones are usually people who look for quality over quantity. They don't have an issue of paying up to 200 Stardollars for a piece that only 1000 (more/less) members will have. On the other hand, there are members who would rather spend those 200 Stardollars on 5-10  'regular' items.


Limited stores, especially amount limited, make us spend Stardollars quickly, without thinking much and debating whether to buy or not. On the other hand, ordinary collection can stay really long time in stores, so we turn to them usually when we need a certain piece for outfit and/or have some extra stardollars to spend.

Personally, I love to make a balance - some limited items, some ordinary, but mostly I just buy stuff I like.

What do you prefer buying?

~ Milena