Zombie Makeup Tutorial!

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Hello stardolls!

Today I'll be giving you a tutorial on a zombie for halloween!

Unfortunately, you will have to be superstar for the skin bar and the hair!

1. With these eyes, apply both mascara's and black liquid eyeliner to create an effect which makes the eye look more tired and worn out, then do the same with the black kohl eyeliner:

2. Next, put the black eyeshadow on, with inside looking more black and the outside looking more grey, I made the eye's quite uneven!

3. Afterwards, move on to the lips, which is where you really have to try and mix the colours, picking these lips, first apply a whole layer of deep red, then use a grey lipstick to go over it but leave a couple red places to look more like blood!

4. For this step you'll need some very red blusher, and just do pointless straight lines with it, then using loads of moles, go down the middle of the red blotches to make it look like there's a scar!


And last, but not least, pick the huge superstar hair and get loads of black bows and just put them in random places, then with purple or red highlights, just cover the hair with it!

And that's the end of the tutorial!

Hopefully you enjoyed it!

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