Inspired: Interview With Puppy Druel P2

hace 10 meses

4. What inspired the apparent minimalist theme in all of your rooms?
I love how minimalist is very clean and fresh, I used to have things in my rooms just to make it look full and I always used to visit other dolls with minimal well-designed rooms and always wanted to have it, so I worked hard to make it happen.

5. What has made you the doll that you are today?
I'd say learning more about fashion, design and makeup in real life, and trying to show that through my doll.

7. Do you have any tips for dolls creating their own original suite?
Yes, find an interior design technique that you like, be it rustic, industrial, minimal, or even vibrant or whatever else you like, and try to create it in your suite :) youd be surprised what you can create with a vision.


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