Inspired: Interview With Puppy Druel P1

hace 12 meses


I'm here with an interview with Puppy-Druel! This is a new series that I'm starting where I interview elite dolls. My theme today is minimalism and the first doll that came to mind was Susana. After joining stardoll in 2007, this doll has become a socialite on the same level as Blair Waldorf. 


1. How long have you been on stardoll & what made you first want to try it out? 
I have been on stardoll for 10 years now, I joined stardoll while i was looking online for paperdoll templates, i was obsessed with creating on my own dolls. It was a dream come true. when I found stardoll.

2. How would you describe your style evolution?
I think i went from a punk, sneaker/jeans kind of style, to a clean minimalistic style right now.

3. How do you come up with  ideas to create such an intricately detailed suite?
To be honest, I look online for interior design ideas, I look at how the pros do it in the industry, and try to create my own looks on stardoll.

Continued in part 2...