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  • Seventh Heaven7
    Log in to Stardoll for 7 days in a row.
  • View From The Top15
    Unlock 12 of your own rooms in your Suite.
  • Home Comfort2
    Click the save button to register changes to your Suite.
  • Memory Bank2
    Design your Album and save your work.
  • Profiler2
    Write and save your presentation on your My Page.
  • Wall Flower2
    Use the room style function to save a unique outfit in one of your rooms.
  • Bargain Hunter2
    Purchase an item from the StarBazaar.
  • It's My Party4
    Create 1 Chat Room and invite your friends.
  • Writing Ambitions2
    Create and save a blog entry.
  • Stylist To The Stars2
    Play dress up with a celebrity doll and save the doll.
  • Girls, Girls, Girls15
    Own a club and have at least 100 members.
  • Fit For A Queen15
    Attain Royalty status.
  • Born This Way7
    Attain Superstar status.
  • All About The Callies15
    Sell items in the StarBazaar for a total of 500 Stardollars.
  • Safety Whiz2
    Take the safety quiz and get a perfect score.


Liv Tyler
Celebrity look-a-like: Liv Tyler
  • Favorite celebrity: Liv Tyler
  • Favorite music: Rock
  • Favorite movie genre: Musical
  • Favorite food: Pizza
  • Favorite color: Ice blue
  • Future dream job: Musician
  • Favorite TV-show: One Tree Hill
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color: Dirty Blonde
  • Favorite hobby: Singing