58 months ago

Yearbooks are the latest add on to stardoll and from what I have seen, are becoming a big success. Yearbooks, as you probably all know, consist of many 'projects' where you are told to buy, design and create certain things in order to complete the task. As a reward for completing the mini project you can stardollars, starpoints, starcoins or even clothes or objects. Some tasks also consist of you voting other members yearbooks - and others voting you. I, and many other members, will vote your yearbook if you vote mine in return. Its just a quick click, and it will hopefully get you back onto the amazing projects you were doing. My personal opinion on the yearbooks is that it may be the best idea stardoll have created since I joined. Below are some opinions from you guys:

" Well I think it's a great and original idea, but it's just too bad that you need to pay for some tasks :(" - 333aline

"Well, my opinions on the yearbooks are just well, lovely! All of the Stardollies put all their effort into them, and it really pays off!" - JLSObsseded89

"Well, I love the tasks we get and how we can earn starpoints and stardollars by completing them but I dislike how you have to spend money buying things in order to complete the tasks!" - Jay.R

"For me the yearbooks are a great way of keeping us Stardoll users active members, and the prizes are cool! And it also gives an opportunity to express ourselves and design with creativeness. However I also think the instructions to some parts should be easier to understand because I've gotten many questions from lots of members about certain parts they didn't get! Also some complains because they had to buy several things which costed them too much. But I think the idea is great :)" - HATECHAINMAILS

Whats your opinion?
Thankyou for reading♥