Olympic Makeup: Gabby D. Inspired

63 months ago

Hello dollies!!

Guess who? She's a power-tumbling, twist-throwing, practically flying gymnast.. with great makeup, too! Not only is she winning Gold Medals, but she is also looking great while doing it. Today I decide to replicate the makeup of the award winning Olympic gymnast, Gabby Douglas! Better yet, all items used where purchased right from DOT in the plaza!!

1- Gabby is always sporting some type of peachy blush. Apply any kind to your medolls cheeks.

2-Line both eyes in black liquid eyeliner.

3-Go over and line the top waterline of your doll with a light blue pencil.

4-Line the bottom lid with bright blue pencil.

5-Add a little bit of red or pink eyeshadow to support team USA!

6-Finish off with a natural lip color.

7-Sport a BIG smile, just as Gabby always does!

the end result!!

pic credit www.stardoll.com