Rooms Of Style

64 months ago

Hello dollies.


Rooms can be styled in many different ways, but for non-superstars it is harder to style as they don't usually have the stardollars to style with. But, I disagree with that, and keerthy2001 has proved it to me.


Every room has a different and uniue style, decorations, interior, decor and even a completely different outfit. Some rooms are detailed, and some are simple with the interior the main focus. But whatever room you're in, you get blown away by the unique style of keerthy2001.


Below are her medoll, and two outfit examples. If you wnat to see the stunning rooms, you'll have to visit her...

^Her stunning, unique and creative medoll. The fab look is finished with crazy (but amaizngly pretty) purple hair.

Her amazing outfit of the simple but sweet room he stands in. Pretty purple galore!

Her even more amaizng outfit of my favourite room - the room next to the one she stands in.


Enjoy the stunning luxury of keert5hy2001's sweet suite by visiting her, it is worth the tiny bit of effort...