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MAWI: Ask the Designer

80 months ago


MAWI, the innovative London-based luxury jewelry designer, is coming to Stardoll!

On April 25th, the MAWI store will officially open in Starplaza. Playing on a hyper modern concept, the MAWI boutique will be three extraordinary floors of galaxy-inspired, whimsical inventions with definite origins in the MAWI bubble-gum, teddy bear style.

Want to know more about what inspires MAWI to design such unique creations? Leave a question for MAWI in the comments box. You can ask anything!

You can also follow @Stardoll on Twitter, then hash tag your question to MAWI's Designers with #AskMawi - we'll collect the questions and send them to MAWI to answer.

Check out the Stardoll loves MAWI moodboard on Pinterest - we'll keep adding more fab photos as we get closer to the launch date in Starplaza!
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