As A Girl - Street Harassment

1 months ago

Street harassment - or more commonly known as catcalling has a significant impact on the security of women and how they are able to walk in public. 

Take for an example thes two pictures. Both are my doll, but I have dressed them differently, put on different hair but the body and facial features are all the same. And more importantly, the tight 'scandalous' dress features in both outfits.

If you saw these girls walking down the street, who would you catcall? The thing is, when asking that question it is like saying it is exceptable to and because this has become its own kind of culture, some girls seek validation from comments and gestures which subject girls to being just an object for the pleasure of others. When catcalled, often the excuse is that the outfit is 'asking for it' but that is no excuse to treat somebody's body as an object, therefore outruling the phrase 'she was asking for it!'

 According to the dictionary, a compliment is 'a polite expression of praise or admiration or an act or circumstance that implies praise or respect.' These terms quite clearly state that catcalling is not a compliment. Over 99% of American women say they have experienced street harrassment in a public place. There are stats similar to these all over the world and the truth is plain and simple. Catcalling men scare women. I'm not saying every man is bad and I'm not saying that every woman is innocent. I'm saying in a society where catcalling is considered an 'appropriate' culture, the feeling of fear is totally acceptable and something we need to change

It's not a compliment. It's HARRASSMENT.