Episode Review: Rosa (Doctor Who)

1 months ago

Hi Dollies!


Recently I’ve been catching up with the newest season of Doctor Who, and the third episode really touched a chord in my heart. I’ve decided to twist my book review series a little so I can both comment on and recommend this episode to you all!


This episode is centred around someone very special, Rosa Parks. As per your classic Doctor Who plot line, the writers mixed history and future together. The Doctor must defeat a white supremacist from the future who has travelled back to change history. However, this storyline isn't the focus.


With three companions, one of whom is black and another South-Asian, The Doctor and audience alike get a first-hand glimpse into what life was like for people of color in 1955 America. It was very shocking to say the least. I had learned about this in history before, but the extreme nature of this segregation and discrimination never felt so real and terrible. 


Furthermore, the two companions I mentioned earlier shared a touching scene where they reflected on the racial issues they suffer from today, but also acknowledged the progress society has made in a few decades, and marvelled at the determination of these civil rights activists in the face of such extreme hatred.


Finally, in the long-anticipated scene where Rosa refuses to give up her seat, the Doctor’s quote, “We can’t help her,” stood out to me. In this moment, the Doctor stepped out of the limelight and Rosa stepped into it. She wasn’t given any encouragement, not even a supportive smile. The scene was all on her own brave accord and I love that. 


The way the writers tackled this issue was wonderfully sincere, and they truly honored this monumental event. The episode was phenomenal and I highly recommend seeing it for yourself.


Take care,

♡ Joanne