Friendmas ideas

1 months ago

Some of you guys my look at the title and say "What?" however for a couple of years, my friends and I host what we call Friendmas in which we all come together and celebrate Christmas together. For many of us, since we are all over the country, it's hard for us to get together as one big group, so Christmas is really the only time we get to hang out together. 

In this post, I decided to share some ideas with you guys if you wanted to hold your own Friendmas. 

1. Decide a location. For me and my friends, we take it in turns to host it at our houses. For example, it was my turn to host, so I took over my family's living room, however If you don't want to host it at your house, you could maybe go to a restaurant. My friend's family owns a restaurant so she hosted it there one year. 

2.Decide on a theme/idea.  Last year I hosted, so I decided on a PJ party theme where I took over the living room and made it all cozy with blankets and cushions but also blew up an air mattress so everyone had somewhere to chill. When we first did it, my friend decided to throw an anti-Christmas party: a bit weird but we all went in her hot tub and it was decorated in all Hawaiian-themed items. However, we have had it 2 times where we have had traditional Christmas dinner. 

3. Food. The most important part. When I hosted, we decided to get takeaway so we all chipped in £10 into the pot and ordered pizza. However, you could decide to have an actual Christmas dinner. This yea,r we are all bringing one item for the meal. I'm making roast potatoes. Well, my mum is. You could also provide snacks or get you friends to bring their own so you can all share. Christmas chocolates are an essential.  

4. Activities- A classic activity is secret Santa. My  friends and I set a budget each year, usually £5, and get each other fun and silly gifts. You could also do white elephant exchange game, which is hard to explain but you are able to steal people's presents. Me and my Uni friends do a £1 secret Santa which is always fun. Other activities could include watching Christmas films. My friends and I somehow always end up doing karaoke! Even board games can be really fun because everyone gets so competitive. 

I hope I covered everything here and let me know will you be hosting your own Friendmas. Also, I love Christmas so if you want to see anymore Christmas-related posts then let me know. 

Till Next time Saff