Showing Cyber Respect!

2 months ago

Sometimes when you're online, it's easy to forget your manners. I find this exceptionally true during big campaigns like MSW, but I also see it a lot when people are running for Covergirl/Boy, National Covergirl/Boy, Best Album, Party Planner, or selling items in Bazaars.

We're all guilty of it, even myself, but I thought it could be beneficial now to remind everyone how to be respectful online. 

Broadcast: I'm sure it's been going on for a while, but only recently have I noticed that many dolls are sending out false broadcasts. Broadcasts are meant to advertise what you have in your Bazaar, so be truthful! Don't send out an advertisement for things you don't have, or prices you're not selling for, only to get people to check out your Bazaars. Nobody buys from liars. 


Spams: If you're advertising for yourself, or want to get your doll known, do so respectfully. If someone asks for no spams in their presentations, don't spam them. Read their presentations prior to just plopping a message down in their Guestbook. If their Guestbook is closed, don't bother them elsewhere. Clearly it's closed for a reason. 


Lies: Don't claim you've voted for someone when you really haven't. Many people try to estimate how many votes they get throughout the day while they're running for a campaign, so it gives people false hope. Just because someone asks you to take time to vote them doesn't mean you have to, but just don't lie and say you have when you haven't.  


Hoping you all have a respectful campaign season!