Seeing Double

9 months ago

Bonjour Dollies,

I'm so sorry for my big spout of inactivity, I've been so caught up in real life and my school work but don't worry, I've not forgotten you all! Lately in science, we've been looking at chemistry and had to do the silliest project. We had to write a short story imagining we could see every particle of life down to each separate electron, proton and neutron, so I thought I'd share!

I opened my eyes, blinking. Everything was fuzzy and blurry and it felt as if I was seeing double. That was until I realized I was. Kind of. Everything I looked at was broken down into tiny sub-atomic particles which make up our very existence. The only explanation of this was that I was dreaming. I looked down at my arm--in all of its atomic glory--and pinched, hard. Nothing happened. I didn't wake from my dream so I pinched myself again. Harder this time. Pain flared in my arm and I watched, somewhat fascinated as the atoms buzzed around picking up speed as my nerves reacted. Separating and regrouping in less than a second. 

The door opened and I saw the atoms graciously moving from its solid stable path before I saw the actual swinging of the wooden block. Fragments of sunlight filtered into my room and I automatically squinted. My instincts told me to close my eyes yet they weren't watering at the harsh lights. Instead they were showing breaking them apart tearing down an otherwise impenetrable wall.
I knew that I would be the only one on this planet to have this ability so I planned to use it for good. As annoying as it was seeing everything and everyone down to the smallest detail, I knew that there must be some good to come of it. I just wasn't sure what yet.

Au revoir mes amis,
Bisous! xoxo
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