Undiscovered Designer Series:Week 14!

10 months ago

Hi dolls, 

Today I am here with possibly one of my favorite features, LadyHollyRose! Not only is she a terrific friend, she is a stunning designer who designs things that you don't see everyone creating! Take a peek into our interview, and swing by her suite to check out her crazy designs! 

Q: When did you join Stardoll & when did you begin designing? 

A: "I joined in 2013 and began designing in 2015."


Q: How much do your designs typically sell for? 

A: "Sometimes I will sell for 600 Starcoins, otherwise I sell things for around 34 Stardollars."


Q: What's your favorite design? 

A: "I think the Egyptian cat I made! It was the first animal I ever made successfully so it means a lot to me!" 


Q: How did you learn how to design such intricate pieces? 

A: "I just continued to practice every day and looked at film costumes for inspiration!"


So, who should I feature next?