Club Soda #7

12 months ago

Hi All! ♡

MissStyleGlam18 is consequently owned by MissStyleGlam18 - today I interview her on her club!

What is your club about?
My club is not actually based on a particular theme but it encourages every doll to try every feature of the Stardoll game. So, ultimately it's about everything in here.

What do you do to keep your club active?
My managers & the members help a lot to keep the club active. We host varieties of games with or without prizes to get the members out of boredom. Also being a Non-SS it is hard to gift but it's really a miracle, my club's members cooperate & participate in the competitions even with the starcoin prizes. After all having fun is what matters.

Why should members join your club?
I really feel my club is worth joining because every member will get a friendly atmosphere and also I guarantee you, me as a owner, you will never feel like, "I'm the boss!". Also this club appreciates all kinds of new ideas from its members. We're looking forward to having new members in the family!