Happy 400 Million!

33 months ago

We did it! We reached 400 MILLION Stardolls. Remember, every single one of us helped make this happen! We are Stardoll - this is a place where we can all belong. We're one enormous, stylish family!

It's All About You!
That's right - it's us dolls who got to 400 million members! Without us, Stardoll would be a lot less fun. Give yourself a pat on the back and go check your Suite for your 400 million gifts! We get some special balloons, a Hermes inspired bag, and even a Pal based on Gigi Hadid - perfect for non-SS members to use in pictures to spice them up without having to buy the SS only pals!

The 400 Million Page
If you haven't already, go and visit the 400 Million page. You can find it from the What's New page, and you can find a lot of exciting things to do there! Find the 400 Million shop, submit your Stardoll story, and take a quiz - you could even win an extra gift!

What's Next?
You may not remember this, but we have been promised a special LE gift when Stardoll reaches 4 million Facebook likes! Have you liked Stardoll on Facebook yet? Let's all chip in and try to reach 4 million Facebook likes, for Stardoll as a whole (as well as ourselves)!

What's your favorite Stardoll memory?