What is Stardoll?

Stardoll is a virtual community site for everyone who enjoys fame, fashion and friends.

At Stardoll you can create your own stardoll or choose from our ever growing collection of celebrity dolls and dress them up in a wide selection of styles. Every celebrity doll has a wardrobe full of unique clothes to dress up and style in different ways.

The regular membership is free. Stardoll appeals to a wide cross section of users, but our core membership consists of boys and girls from the ages of 13 and upwards.

Stardoll's original name was Paperdollheaven.com, and started out as the hobby of Scandinavian-born Liisa. Inspired by a childhood passion for paperdolls, Liisa started drawing dolls and accompanying wardrobes and taught herself web design. Her personal homepage rapidly became a popular destination for teens. In 2004, with the help of her son, she upgraded the site and called it Paperdoll Heaven.

Stardoll is one of few places on the Internet developed with an emphasis on self-expression through fantasy and fashion. Stardoll is a great place to spend time with friends and to meet other people from all over the world. We are committed to Stardoll as an inspiring, safe and creative environment. "Most online sites are focused on violence and competitiveness", says Liisa. "I wanted to create a positive online environment for young girls who are creative and interested in fashion. They are looking for alternatives to shoot 'em up and kill 'em up games."

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