Undiscovered Designer Series: Week 8!

πριν 19 μήνες

Hi dolls, 

I am back with this week's designer! Not only is she beautiful, but her designs are out of this world. You know those fun Snapchat filters you can use on your phone? Well AnitooWee brings them to life on Stardoll, and can transform your doll into one of your favorite filters! 


When did you join Stardoll? When did you begin desiging?

"I found out about Stardoll in 2007, but my current account was made in 2012. I started designing the same year!" 

How much do your designs cost?

"I always try to keep my designs affordable for everyone, so I try and keep the price lower than 30sd."

Do you remember what the first design you sold was?

"I remember one of the first designs I learned to do was a Superman logo t-shirt and I used to sell them for 5sd."

Where did you find your inspiration to design Snapchat filters?

"I saw other designers make them from hair and I thought that so many people must like the designs, however they seemed too expensive. One night I had the idea to make the dog filter from jewelery because then it would be cheaper and more users could have it. I started with this and now I have made all my favorite filters!"

How beautiful is she!? Let me know if you have any ideas for the next designer I should feature! 



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