Bringing Back the Paperdoll!

vor 3 Monaten

Before Stardoll, many are probably aware of the Paperdolls! There are a few members on Stardoll that are trying to recreate what Paperdoll used to look like, and I was fortunate enough to be able to talk with one member who uses her creativity to bring back the iconic dolls! Meet FrodoBaggins1

"I was inspired to create a "paperdoll" because most of the people on Stardoll have realistic dolls and I wanted to bring something new to the table.

I noticed how everyone wanted to buy "old graphics" clothes and I thought... Has anyone ever done an "old graphic" doll before? So I studied the old dressup dolls and began to design the signature dark outlines, unrealistic hair and facial features with StarDesign hair. The old dolls never had realistic shading so I covered up the default face shading with StarDesign jewelry that matched my doll's skin tone.

When I finished my paperdoll, who I've now named "Sally", I felt like it could be the start of a new trend. So I campaigned for Covergirl to get my idea out there, with the slogan "Out with the realistic dolls, in with the paper dolls". I didn't end up winning, but I have seen a few other people adopting the idea of a paperdoll and it makes me so excited that they're inspired to become paperdolls too!" -FrodoBaggins1 


Check out Sally's unique doll and suite. While you're there, peek are her designs listed in her presentation to see how YOU could recreate this iconic look, too!