First Day Jitters!

5 måneder siden

Hi Dolls!

School's coming up, and that means new experiences, more school work & new classes. This makes everyone a little nervous. You're not alone. 

It can be scary walking into a class not knowing anyone, or not knowing much about your teacher. New experiences can always be scary but we can all get through it!

I remember last year on the first day of classes, I cried. I remember saying to my friend, "Wow, this year is going to stink!" Well guess what? It didn't. Come the last day of school, I cried because I knew I would miss all my classes and all of the friends I made. The classes I thought were going to be the worst ended up being my favorites, and vice versa. It's funny how things change. 

This year, I will be a junior in college and it's crazy how fast time flies by. Every year brings new opportunities, experiences, and memories. The first day is hard for everyone, but we can all get through it together. Take up everything you can, and make the best of the time you have! 

Enjoy everything because nothing lasts for ever. Make the most out of every opportunity and don't sweat the small stuff. Everything you do turns into memories. Make them memories you want to share with everyone. 

Hoping your first day of school is a great,