My 3 Black Friday secret tips!

16 måneder siden

Black Friday is almost here! If you want to obtain the best deals, you have to run like a Black Friday Ninja.

Today, I will share my best secret tips for getting the biggest and best bargains during your Black Friday shopping spree!

1. Check prices -> Some days before the craziest shopping spree, set a list with the items and the prices that you would like to buy during Black Friday and then compare during the campaign. You will save a lot!

2. Be open minded -> Not every item you want will be on sale, so I recommend you to be open minded. Maybe it’s time to try new styles!

3. Rest up before the big day -> You will need to visit hundreds of stores, it can be exhausting! But trust me, it will be worth it in the long run!

Last but not least: share, share, and share! When you find your dream garment, you should share it with everyone!