This is me:

Před 15 měsíci

Bonjour everyone.

I'm back again and this post is going to be a little different. I'm going to be talking about why I am who I am. Why I write and why this is my passion. Well, at least that is what I'll try to do. 

Ever since I was little, I've loved writing. I'd write stories about dogs, my family and other cute/weird little kid stuff. However, I've changed since then. I've seen things, done things that I'd never have imagined doing. I've been through things and my idealistic reality has changed. In my head I imagined being an author of books about animals but now it's my dream to be able to create magic comparable to The Greatest Showman on screen that produces such a wide variety of true emotions in an audience. So for me, it's not about writing perfection. It's about writing the reality of imperfection in life because that expresses who I've been and who I've now become as a person.


Having a blog on stardoll is great. I love the feeling of being able to anonymously share how I feel and what I love, knowing that there will be a doll somewhere out there, reading this and agreeing with my every word. Relating to what I have to say. It’s like an escape to a new world where the only thing that can get hurt is our characters and it is up to our mental strength to be able to help them get through that hurt with words. By writing OUR stories and our imagination’s perfect dream and their unreal nightmares. This is why I love the quote, ‘The Pen Is More Powerful Than The Sword.’

That’s all I have for you today dolls but I would love to hear what inspired you to write so leave a comment or message me in my guestbook!

Au revoir mes amis,
Bisous! xox