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Stardoll Social Recap Episode 48: 2018 year in review

✨ Stardoll Social Recap ✨<br/><br/> This NEW Youtube series is ALL about YOU dolls and the amazing things you create in and inspired by Stardoll. Whether it be Stardoll graphics, Stardesign, Suites, Blogs and Fashion events..we want to share it with the WHOLE Stardoll community. Is there something or someone you think Brittany should feature? Tag @Stardoll using hashtag #stadollsocialrecap and/or #brittanyonstardoll on Twitter or Instagram. Follow 'Stardoll' on Social Instagram - www.instragram.com/stardoll Twitter- www.twitter.com/stardoll Facebook- www.facebook.com/stardoll Snapchat - @Stardoll

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